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our anti racism statement & policy
stop racism. stop prejudices. stop intolerance. stop violence. stop.

heavenly hymns decisively opponates and contempts any form of racism, prejudices, stereotypes and intolerance as well as any forms of violence against other people. The last aspect also includes violence against animals beyond the purpose of feeding and the maintenance of living standards in ecologically [logo of the World Conference against Racism... - Durban (SA), 2001] and morally reasonable, generally acceptable, sustainable and healthy ways. Furthermore, we think that is only understandable and reasonable in the light of sustainability and environmental care and protection to apply these ideals and demanded behaviour to nature and its sensitive ecosystems as well to achieve a more general view at the things surrounding us and making up our life.

In everything you do please consider behaving appropriate within the sense of the ideals and virtues directly or indirectly mentioned above. Help keeping our world a place worth and honorable to live in. Always remember: we are all sitting in the same great and incredibly wonderful boat. And it should be still a place to live for our children, don’t you think so? In the following we gathered some useful and interesting links concerning questions how to treat with such destructive phenomenons mentioned above. The information is meant to give you some idea of how to translate corresponding methods to your very own personal horizon, to extract the one or the other behaviour and to cut and apply it to your everyday needs. Moreover, it describes which techniques, measures and programs were and are currently being developped in order to face and purposefully and forcefully eliminate the influence of people, structures, systems etc. serving as direct or indirect producers or supporters of racism, intolerance, violence and/or terrorism.

- official website of the European Commission against Racism & Intolerance (as being subordinated to the Council of Europe): [ click here ]

- official website of theWorld Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerence - 08|31 - 09|07|01 @ Durban, SA: [ click here ]

- no-racism.net (german website about racism and the fight against it, with up-to-date news): [ click here ]

- heartsandminds.org (polyglot website of an all-volunteer, non-profit information clearinghouse, getting to the roots of terrorism, poverty, human rights, the environment, addictions etc., keeping a mass communications based combat against apathy, providing resources for volunteering and self-help worldwide: [ click here ]

[hh anti racism] [hh anti racism] [hh anti racism] [hh anti racism]
[hh anti racism] [hh anti racism] [hh anti racism] [hh anti racism]

"think. think again. think before behaving. think before communicating. no chance for racism, discrimination, intolerance!" o. halsband, august 2005

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