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current fields of work
what we do and what you can do -
our mission and how you can accompany us

heavenly hymns is a project which is almost constantly on the run to gather the latest groundbreaking news concerning the global trance scene. Our core work includes a frequent struggle for old pearls and forgotten treasures as well as fresh and unused pieces of both contemporary and futuristic electronic (dance) music.

As you can easily imagine, this can sometimes and more often become a huge challenge eating up a lot of time. Due to this, we cooperate with some other geeks out there in the widths of the web in order to make sure that most of the really rocking tunes are reaching the heavenly hymns headquarters, in other words find their way to our ears and conquer our attention.
Our declared aim is, as you should already know, to provide you, appreciated visitor, with acribically selected and reliable high-quality information about the listening pleasures of today as well as the sonic trends of tomorrow.

Nevertheless, we are (still) only humans who may err. To reduce this chance, we have established a basic contact system giving you email addresses, icq number and e-formulars to get into contact with us anytime you desire.
And not enough with that. Currently we are working on an interactive forum which you will be able to use whenever you are longing for transmitting your proposals, your ideas and recommendations for tunes which might be candidates for one of the next updates of either our alpha or beta list.

Optionally, you can tell us your party experiences by writing an interesting and captivating report or story about your impressions, your feelings, your opinion about the event. You can be sure: we are yearning for that kind of information and we will read every single line and respond by sending a beta-read version BEFORE we publish your contribution material. Moreover, you will enjoy our full copyright policy, meaning: the story remains your cognitive output and your exclusive possession. We will not express any claims on any data transmitted to us - guaranteed. For further information about our copyright statement and our interactive cooperation policy click here.

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our main working fields of the hour

1. internal fields of work

    - change and implementation of the new cloud 8 concept
    - hh alias list: we are constantly on the search for the guys behind
    - integration of new interactive features such as guestbook and forum
    - integration of contemporary real-time features such as hh.CAM, hh.ICQ and hh.VoIP
    - relaunch of the former heavenly hymns newsletter

2. interactive / open fields of work

    - new tracks to add to alpha / beta list: help us by sending your proposals, your favs!
    - hh alias list: bring in your knowledge about artists’ pseudonyms / acronyms!
    - trance-related cd / vinyl releases: send info about promising soundpieces to come!
    - scene news / articles / party reports / interviews:
      send in your stuff with your name appearing beneath and our copyright guarantee!
    - general ideas / hints / proposals / corrections:
      don’t hesitate! send your thoughts / opinions / critics!

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The hover box above has been updated with hot tunes. party on!

section update: old masters
...some artist names have been put in to get this section started. Nothing spectacular though.

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the abc quick links at the top of the a-list and the [ top ] links there are functional again. However, it takes some more time to repair other section's [ top ] links and anchors. This is due to the SEO works (header modification for ext. access). Please scroll instead and still avoid using the quick and cross links mentioned above. Thanks!

tech news: DB text errors fixed
The char errors on the newentries page ("\" preceding special chars like """ and "") are fixed.

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