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february 2010

02|06|2010 - twinkling vocal gems..

[heavenly hymns 2010 - vocal tunes like precious amethysts] .. are rare. Every genuine edm enthusiast knows it: vocal tunes that are well-produced, uplifting, haunting and enchanting are quite hard to find.

Fortunately, in the last weeks some very positive examples have arroused our attention. If you need some sexy voices and warm soul food carried by pleasant vibes and dreamy melodies, here are some recommendations:

- Dr. K & Nii vs. Shiha - AM Alive (Faskil Remix)
- Explosion feat. Tiff Lacey - Intimacy (Barrinton Lawrence Breathless Remix)
- Loette & FRONT feat. Annet - Finding (Orig. Mix)
- Marco Torrence feat. Tiff Lacey - Dancing Brave (Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic Remix)
- Novaline feat. Lisa Rose - Run Away (Original Vocal Mix)

02|05|2010 - some hot february releases for you...

Here is a wonderful pair of official release schedules for the next weeks by two hot labels in today’s edm scene. So if you have a passion for excellent and inspiring productions check this out:

> Enhanced Recordings: release schedule for february & march 2010
> Nellie Recordings: release schedule for february & march 2010

- please also have a look at the new Nellie Recordings website (since dec 2009) - listen to the newly provided Nellie Recordings podcast and have a look at the quite fresh Nellie Recordings forum!

02|04|2010 - Lange provides Apple™ Iphone© app!

[lange - artwork, (c) lange] Now you can take Lange wherever you go with the new Iphone app available to download from Apple™ Itunes©.
The app allows you to keep up to date with his gig schedule, watch the latest videos from the LangeTV Youtube channel and listen and download the latest Lange releases while checking out pictures from his global tours.
btw: the app is going to be rolled out for other phone brands later this year. ;)

02|03|2010 - new Ferry Corsten compilation accompanying his world tour!

Ferry Corsten is surely one of the biggest talents in the international edm scene frequently fetching great awards and creating massive club anthems often presented in stunning energetic shows.
At the end of March Corsten releases his new compilation album with the title "Ferry Corsten presents: Once Upon A Night". It will accompany his world tour stop on April 9th 2010 in the UK. Watch out for this hot release! ;)

january 2010

01|31|2010 - new hh artwork for 2010 - now downloadable!

[heavenly hymns 2010 - new artwork as downloadable wallpaper] Hey edm lovers!

just in case you haven’t witnessed it already at the index page: the brand-new thematic artwork for the heavenly hymns EDM year 2010 is out!
This time - also to reduce the work connected with the creation of a relatively complex collage graphical elements like for last year’s artwork - I have focussed on finding a copy-free picture suitable as a background image to add some overlaying text messages. Also, this time there is no main message to be found, to pregnant slogan or so, just some flashes of intuition.
Again, I decided to put some names of hot talented artists that will most likely bring some massive inputs in the course of the year..
However, if you like it, you can download the artwork in different widescreen wallpaper formats to fresh up your desktop or make a nice print. Help spread some word about heavenly-hymns.de! ;)

"elements of sound like lush leafwork in the light of day"
(by this I want to express the huge variety of different sound elements, styles, interpretations, definitions, nuances, colors as well as the whole history of electronic dance music so far that reminds me of a well-grown tree sometimes carrying a dense dress of green fresh leaves rustling in the wind of time all having the same root, similar idea, analog vision... you know it, you feel it =)

heavenly-hymns.de 2010 artwork - wallpaper format 1920 x 1080 (1185 kB) > download
heavenly-hymns.de 2010 artwork - wallpaper format 1600 x 900 (896 kB) > download
heavenly-hymns.de 2010 artwork - wallpaper format 1280 x 720 (658 kB) > download

Ah, here are the artists I picked to name just a few of the "wonderful leaves" rustling in the electronic winds of this planet:

Alex Frolov, Marcus Schössow, Ilya Soloviev, Vol Deeman, Anhken, Christian Zechner, Basil O'Glue, Python, Mango, Roger Shah, Dennis Sheperd, Roald Velden, DJ Eco, Sasha Virus.
These should have deserved pay some special attention to, but don't forget to check other promising new and, of course, established artists, too - just browse our alpha and beta lists ;) and visit myspace or youtube for first impressions or your favourite (online) record store - you won't regret it!

Best regards - Olli

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Since 1999 we are mesmerizing what may "quasi-objectively" be referred to as the nonplusultra in EDM (electronic dance music). Our very ambitious, non-commercial service focusses on a broad spectrum of styles between Trance, Progressive, Deep House, Dream House, Breaks and also melodic/danceable Ambient and Chill-Out. With (atm) over 1800 cutting-edge productions covering the whole history of pathbreaking dance electronica since the early days of the raving society, the project has matured to a fountain of inspiration and creativity with its first class recommendations for your private listening pleasure, the small party next door or even the real big events.
From the very beginning heavenly-hymns.de has persued some core principles, which are to provide reliable information and recommendations on tracks, artists, scene/culture and even some events/locations, remarkable lyrics and edm-related weblinks collection, all on a non-commercial basis "FROM the scene FOR the scene" open to EVERY person and for both newbies and advanced listeners of this kind of music.
trance DJs progressive artists breaks productions tech-trance tunes hymns dream tracks heavenly chill-out house and ambient, nothing less than the best and the cream of intelligent and captivating, smart, legendary edm highlights that are of cutting-edge quality for your clubbing and homelistening pleasure. solid sonic golden visionary masterpieces and milestones, aural gems and jewels for global gatherings and celebrations of a big society.
The happy, melodic, epic, intoxicating, thrilling anthems listed on this project site are simply amazing, uplifting, upfront, fascinating, mindblowing, pathbreaking - sonic pleasures and tresures.
Exciting captivating trance and progressive.

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