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music of which kind ever implies individual taste. this is exactly why we felt obliged to integrate a disclaimer at this position in order to stipulate that neither we are willing nor capable at all to reflect each and every single bunch of taste.

heavenly hymns project is rather to be understood as an approach to submit unbinding and constructive musical impulses meant in a manner of guidance and recommendation - not explicitely for trance and progressive enthusiasts but also for open-minded audiophile persons aiming on exploring and experiencing something new. This is of concern also for those having been misguided by wrong or inaccurate information on the somehow special and to a certain extent elitary forms of music we are putting focus on within our project.

In other words: heavenly hymns is peculiarly targetting those persons who are doubting what they’ve been told... told by fellows who maybe didn’t have the insight necessary to separate masterpieces and cutting-edge work from sonic trash... told by friends who tend to express their limited taste by influencing others with the widely spread stereotypes and prejudices towards areas of musical expression they just haven’t reconned and neutrally consumed and rationally criticized.

But it’s also the other way round: heavenly hymns is also subjected to these unwritten rules of healthy criticism and and to the sense of decency and openmindedness. We claim that there are also excellent examples of hip-hop, punk-rock or metal and even "commercial" pop pieces that have deserved their individual success. In every style and subcategory there are always exceptions and something you could refer to as a narrower class of its own, a circle of excellence. To dare an approach and to destilize the upper class of this often under-estimated musical dimension is the main goal of heavenly hymns. You have the chance to experience and participate in a policy of open-mindedness and tolerance towards other ideologies and musical "schemes" by letting yourself in for this high-potential, tremendously emotional, flexible and infinite type of music.

Listen, listen again, then evaluate, maybe compare, maybe judge. Build your opinion, convince yourself... these are the maxims we pledge ourselves to. Heavenly hymns has never been to persue a given opinion by all means of force. The project’s goal is to give an overview and unbinding recommendations for both beginners and experienced listeners such as scene geeks. By doing this, heavenly hymns strives for freedom of mind and soul through music, and declares herewith its innermost and heartfelt belief in tolerance and the fight against stereotypes and prejudices as much as its support for informational interchange and formal rational criticism.
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