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Welcome, friend!                                        

[heavenly-hymns.de - explore new worlds] This is heavenly-hymns.de - a website about high-quality Electronic Dance Music (EDM). We focus on Trance music (melodic, epic, nrg, classic etc.), Progressive, Breaks, (Dream/Tech) House, Chillout and Ambient.

No matter if you are long-year passionate and more or less advanced listener OR total newbie: what awaits you at this website might satisfy many of your (hidden?) aural desires and give you a smart overview as well as a gripping and straight-to-the-point introduction to some styles of music we believe are undeservedly underrated and somehow mistreated but can bring a great extension to your consciousness and the way you live and behave, as well as your creativity and welfare.
Values that may change your life very positively and sustainably while giving you a deeper understanding and esteem for the world you live in. And all this without any xtc, lsd, brainwashing or scientology - solely with your natural imagination, fantasy, spirituality ;)

In order to receive some introductional impulses and a glance of the idea of this project please read the following lines... take this time and just calm yourself down and contemplate a bit. The music you will get to know will be worth it - definitely!!

Maybe you are (or want to be) one of those techno geeks? one of these stylish girls and guys who dress like they’re crazy, the ones that dream of the good old times when some sound purists of the late eighties went out to carry out a new born child that’s they still call techno today, a douzen years after the great jam of the raving society... ? You feel like one of those freaks addicted to the most modern, most futurist, most avantgardistic, most stylish, most fascinating but also most short-living kind of music of the planet? You just can’t get enough of the digital realm powering out flashing sound waves flooding your mind and your soul. If it would be flashing and flooding...

If you claim to belong to this kind of electronic music enthusiasts or if you’re seriously interested in the world of techno-trance, tech-house, dream-trance / -house, classic / oldschool trance and other melodic styles of music, you will rapidly recognize that most of the stuff thrown onto the market, transmitted by the radio stations, distributed through the internet, played on parties, festivals, open-airs, jams or in clubs, lounges and discotheques turns out to be nothing more than pure shit.

Nevertheless you may like that kind of stuff (often rather have to like it in order to be informed and up-to-date concerning the mainstream). Maybe you really listen to it for yourself. Maybe you share music with your friends. You may even dance to it. But if you ask yourself if this is really exactly what you want or start wondering if the music you listen to all the time is really able to arrouse what you expect music to arrouse in you, to stir up feelings you probably would never have been expected to be stirred up only by some air set in motion.

Surely: music is a matter of subjective taste. And you listen to special kinds and styles of music out of various reasons and purposes changing according to your mood, to the situation that surrounds you and so on.

As in common sense music was, is and will be always a reflection of thoughts, intentions, moods and/or emotions of its creator(s) and vice-versa a possibility of identification, a haven for mind and soul and a mirror of the ego for its listeners... just contemplate for a moment: what kind of fellow are you, rather the melancholic or pessimist or the lively and euphoric optimist or somewhere inbetween?

When you are alone listening to the music of your real taste: do you always choose and adapt music according to the mood you are currently in? Or do you deliberately work against your moods by turning on melancholy / threatening / horrorizing music when you’re rather happy on the one hand, while playing happy and cheerful music when you are down or feeling sad or just bad-tempered and aggressive on the other hand (if you can characterize moods and music like that at all nowadays)?

As music is a mirror of and for the people it is as colourful, varying, complex, deep and mysterious as them. Since music is a matter of taste and has got so many faces characterization or categorization can become so abstract and spongy that it may rapidly turn out to be ridiculous and redundant - except when you talk about such general and objective aspects as roots, mixes, melody, rhythm, percussion, instrumentation, official intentions and their realization/implementation, the curve of tension etc...

If you contemplate about the sense and purpose of music you will rapidly come to the conclusion that there is not the one placative sense. People listen to music for reasons of joy, fun, entertainment (techno, trance, dance, house, jazz, blues, pop, rock, etc...), melancholia (dark-wave, gothic, metal, soul, ...), relaxation (lounge, soul, ...) serious analyzation (classic music, "intellectual" music) etc... But if you ask yourself if this really takes effect on you, if it makes you HAPPY indeed, delights or euphorizes you, drives you crazy, changes your mind and your soul, you might recognize that the most and honest answer seems to be NO.

Regarding heavenly-hymns.de this is right where our projects comes into play. we do not want to missionarize. we do not intend to persuade. All we want to achieve is offer you orientation and show you ways to optimism and fun. How? Well, by bringing you the cream of intelligent electronic dance music and making you finally enjoy and even intensify what you think could be the best moments in your life. Why? Because we know that electronic music can be more than just boom-boom party power. Because there are a few tracks and tunes that do combine the power and the capabiltity of arousing that wonderful energetic fly-away party feeling with something that goes far beyond this simple but somehow fascinating purpose. Something that has the power to change your mind and soul. Something that pulls you into another world, into another dimension of sensitivity, liveliness and emotion. Something that influences your way of thinking, behaving, living.

Trance is not primitive "boom-boom music". Many people who dislike techno music or hardstyle follow the widely spread stereotypes and clichées and have strong prejudices towards technoid, trancy or electronic (dance) music in general. But they overlook that there is far more behind the idea of techno music than pure euphorizing and hypnotyzing superficial music for easy-listeners and time-wasters. Certainly, techno-related or electronic music is and need not be everybody’s favourite taste. But maybe those people just do not fully know what intelligent trance-related or electronic (dance) music in general sounds like. Maybe they have not experienced such complex, demanding, deep-reaching, mind-bending, highly emotional and energetic styles of music. It is definitely worth a try! Techno is cult. Techno is the fulfilment, the perfection of what made and makes out music since the early beginnings of human mankind. It is the tribal music of the future, the jazz and funk lover. It rock-and-rolls the masses. It is so many-sided that is does not know any limits of style, nor of intention or interpretation. It is the music which legally claims to be the music of the future while its roots reach far back into mankind’s musical past. It is - and can exclusively be - the ONLY universal connection between ALL styles and times so far, a general musical interface, something like a central unit.

... maybe you are, if you claim, nevertheless surely as in common sense when you are alone as music is a mirror if you contemplate regarding heavenly-hymns.de ... TRANCE is not primitive ...

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