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Take a virtual trip around the world to the never-sleeping metropoles, to the strongholds of creativity and progress and the gateways of communication and exchange.
We show you the most vivid and magnetic places up to date ..and the planet’s biggest and most formative studios, dancefloors and edm festivals.

They are big. They are vivid. They are brawling and pulsating steadily onward like huge ant-hills or fish swarms. The capitals and metropoles of our planet are in many respects fascinating "worlds" with their own thrills and dimensions. They represent social and cultural magnets within their country’s borders, usually even beyond, sometimes far beyond. These accumulations of human life are centers of many-sided importance in an international context. Big bubbles that provide an environment effervescing with offerings to discover, experience, enjoy. With their urban lifestyle and scenes they provide the platforms and playgrounds for the young and dynamic of today as well as the jetsetters and globetrotters of tomorrow.

This section throws a glance at the cities of trance, the metropoles of progressive, the global centers of house and electronic club music. Heavenly hymns always has been orientated globally due to its subject. So the question where on earth the big things, the shaping events, performances and musical outputs are taking place today poses itself.

The following selection is the result of what we have identified as very important places in electronic music, (night)life and business through extended web research and knowledge - sorted by continents and briefly presented with some snapshots to gain a slight impression of urban sites and views.

> this section is currently under construction. please be patient - we are adding info about the different cities and regions as well as studios, locations and megaevents successively!


Amsterdam (Panama)     Athens     Barcelona     Berlin (Panorama Bar/Berghain)     Birmingham (Air, Cocoon)     Brussels     Bucharest (Club Kristal)     Budapest     Frankfurt (Cocoon Club)     Glasgow (The Arches)     Helsinki     Liverpool (Cream, Circus)     London (Fabric, The End, Turnmills, Ministry Of Sound)     Madrid     Milano     Paris (Le Red Light, Club Eau, Queen Club)     Rome     Rotterdam     Stockholm     The Hague     Thessaloniki     Zurich     Mykonos (Cavo Paradiso)     Ibiza (Pacha, Space, Amnesia, DC10)


Atlanta (Eleven50)     Calgary     Cancun     Chicago     Dallas     Denver     Edmonton     Houston     Los Angeles (Spundae)     Mexico City     Miami (Club Space)     Montreal (Stereo)     New York City     San Francisco     Toronto (Guvernment)     Vancouver


Belo Horizonte (Marista/Chevrolet Hall)     Bogota (Parqueadero Jaime Duque)     Buenos Aires (Pacha)     Medellín (Hipodromo de los Comuneros)     Rio de Janeiro (Rio Centro)     Santiago de Chile     São Paulo


Bangalore     Bangkok     Beijing (gt.banana)     Djakarta     Dubai     Guangzhou     Hongkong     Istanbul     Kalkutta     Kuala Lumpur     Kyoto     Manila | Quezon City     Moscow     Mumbai     Nagoya     New Delhi (Elevate)     Osaka     Pusan     Sapporo     Seoul     Shanghai     Shenzhen     Singapore (Zouk)     Tel Aviv     Tokyo (Womb, Yellow)     Yokohama


Alexandria       Cairo       Cape Town       Dakar       Durban       Johannesburg       Lagos


Adelaide (Traffic)     Brisbane     Canberra     Melbourne (QBH) Perth (Metro City, ambar)     Sydney (Home, GAS Nightclub)

useful web resources

residentadvisor.net - locations worldwide
residentadvisor.net - DJ Mag’s top 50 clubs worldwide (2006)

International clubs

Mix Sky Lounge

International events

Antwerp Is Burning
Boom Festival (Portugal)
- one of the biggest techno festivals worldwide, only every two years
Dance Valley
Full Moon Festival
Global Gathering (by Godskitchen)
Greenspirit Festival
Love Parade
Nature One
Street Parade
Trance Energy
Tshitraka Project
Universo Paralello
VooV Experience

further events (smaller, but also international)

Wonderland - Waldfrieden
Marrakech culture

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favorites of the moment »» Bas v. Platen & E. Clarks - Kailua (O. M.)
Daan Bergman - White Land (Anhken Rmx)
Elfsong & Aeron Aether - Sylleptica (O. M.)
Heatbeat - Paradise Garage (O. M.)
Mad Eye - Mapi's Ravine (O. M.)
Michael Tsukerman - Tel Aviv (Piano Mix)
Mike Foyle - Bittersweet Nightshade (O. M.)
Mesmerized - Pearl Maker (O. M.)
Mystic - Analog Dreams (O. M.)
Simon Hunt - The Burn (Original Mix)
Sundriver - City Lights (O. M.)
Thomas Jacobsen - Shine (Monojoke Rmx)

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