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thanks & greetings

greetings, thanks and / or (deep) respect go out to the following beings...

[olli - the guy behind heavenly-hymns.de] - GOD for giving me a feeling for art & music and the unbelievable present of life

- my sister steeve (& olli), mum & dad

- "the raving society": CosmicClub-Fusion-Partyservice-Mayday-pubs&nightlife-crew and unforgettable friends: carl, margrit, leo, ronald, fabian, steffen, jan, marc;

- jennyvie (je t'aime, for unforgettable memories, unbelievable re-union and new love - your voice is the sweetest and most unique I’ve ever heard, your heart is like an eruption of love and tenderness, your hair is like ebony, your smile is gorgeous, unpayable ...every time our eyes meet I’m going crazy);

- the "Kaiser’s connection": christian f. (and tim s.), tobias j., jenny (jensun), julia n.;

- former members of Kreuzritter e.V., Münster: dagmar (for over 20 years of friendship), mathias g. (aka matze), tobias g., thomas g., christian l. (aka partymaker chris), stefan (aka DJ Red Dragon), schorsch, ede, anika, maike, doerthe;

- former Geo-Informatics: "turboachim", "hansemann", patrick s., nicolas n., jana, lars (and mareike, inga, markus);

- classmates at ratsgymnasium münster: caro, nora, eva, sandra, nicola, Alex ("akuma"), hans peter (h.p.), Sven ("videosven"), "rockhound", christian k., "qantas", sebastian a., daniel (aka DJ Dan), jan & gunnar (Superbia Systems) of Spinning Wheels (@ Radio A.M.) / Filmwerkstatt Münster;

- zimbabwe / south-africa / lesotho 2006 team: jan (http://www.ajuda-hilfe.de), natalia ...;

- ... and our all-time friends from zimbabwe: fine, ratherford, innocent, "sunny" (best jeep driver in the southern hemisphere), munya (silent emerald), fortunate, takue ("the wicked"), otto (we will meet again one day!); fine&rsquio;s extended family, all children and teachers of sengwa primary and secondary school - esp. Delight (we shall never forget you!), zebra and the other workers...;

- ... the numerous fantastic people from all over the world we met on our journey onwards all the way through south-africa and lesotho;

- everybody at www.our-children.org and all "lovers of africa": anika, joerg, jonas, daniel etc.

- others: florian b. from COE; jürgen k.;

- from the WWW: claire ("BEAR") from Brisbane, AUS (hope we meet one day!); @ SoulSeek: "jkada1" (USA); "EnigmaT"; "PLATINUM"; "karnash"; "PaJarraKo"; "caterion" (GER); "austinscott" (USA), -[THOR]-" (AUS), "SolarCoastin", "Myfineshrine" (Chris, GER) and all Finnish, Swedish, Canadian & Australian lovers of IDM;

- prominent beauties: Katrin Wrobel (you are the one and only true Miss Germany so far (2002)), Bettina Zimmermann (you are a princess), Natalie Portman, Kate Hudson, Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Jennifer Connelly, Bridget Moynahan, Vanessa Hessler (ITA)

- all Amiga & C64 freaks outthere (keep the scene alive!); teijo kinnunen for bringing me to computer-aided music production;

[olli - the guy behind heavenly-hymns.de] - armin van buuren, ferry corsten, bt, paul van dyk, bedrock (sasha & john digweed), fretwell, yvel & tristan, kalafut & fygle, benz & md, m & d substance, kyau vs. albert, mirco de govia, alucard, yahel, starecase, solarstone, david west, kamil polner, christian zechner, aurosonic, beetseekers; delerium, apoptygma berzerk, depeche mode, colony 5, covenant, l.a.m., l.s.d., the cure, enigma, roeyksopp, coldplay and some other artists more for their wonderful and truly innovative works and sounds and for helping me to find my own definition of music;

- 040 & coast 2 coast representing 2 of 3 artists who brought me to the idea to build up what is today the heavenly-hymns project

- ... all those I forgot in action (s.o.r.r.y.)

"Coast 2 Coast feat. Discovery - Home (Original Mix) - the birth of heavenly-hymns.de"

"An eye for an eye makes the world go blind." (Ghandi)

"At the height of laughter the universe is flung into a kalleidoscope of new possibilities." (Jean Houston)

"God is the DJ and life is the remix." (forgotten soulseek user)

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