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under construction: please make sure to check back regularly.

Now that you have brought much interest in the topics and issue of this site and project, you might have reached the point where you would like to experience some interesting things about the the man behind this - forever unfinished - project.
You shall obtain a very detailed and up-to-date overview about the human being Oliver Halsband, his other hobbies ;), his mind, his thoughts, his dreams and visions. This will become a quite personal and special corner some day. But let’s not waste words on future plans. Let’s wait some days / weeks and you will find the first words here. Don’t believe? Well, we are not promising anymore, but we hope to find an opportunity soon.
At least you can take a look at the main structure of this section beneath. Thanks for your interest and patience so far.

  1. physis

  2. psyche

  3. environment

  4. biography

  5. discography

  6. education

  7. hobbies

  8. weeknesses

  9. talents

10. typology (self-analysis)

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The hover box above has been updated with hot tunes. party on!

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...some artist names have been put in to get this section started. Nothing spectacular though.

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the abc quick links at the top of the a-list and the [ top ] links there are functional again. However, it takes some more time to repair other section's [ top ] links and anchors. This is due to the SEO works (header modification for ext. access). Please scroll instead and still avoid using the quick and cross links mentioned above. Thanks!

tech news: DB text errors fixed
The char errors on the newentries page ("\" preceding special chars like """ and "") are fixed.

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