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basics, symbols & abbrevations concerning the hh-lists

the following list completed on 12|06|2005 contains abbrevations of almost all stylistic categories and atributes in historical as well as contemporary dance music, though not all of them (especially the last three) are relevant neither for the current form nor for the structural renewal of the heavenly hymns alpha / beta / gamma lists considered to be implemented in the beginning of 2006.
However, some definitions might be applied within the alias list which is currently still under construction.
The only thing that will be added beneath are some brief descriptions of the stylistic categories as you can already recon after the entry ’jungle’, for example.
You can look forward to a heavenly hymns list system being even more clearly and structured with useful information especially for newbies in electronic dance music as well as people just being curious about how the music they prefer to listen to could be classified!
Again, of course, this system does not provide THE solution, but it serves well as a reasonable approach for a stylistic classification system for nearly all kinds of electronic dance music. Here we go...

>> hh.styles [ status: 12|2005 ]

cloud 1
most rep’s
cloud 2
very much rep’s
cloud 3
much rep’s
cloud 4
some rep’s
cloud 5
a little rep’s
cloud 6
few rep’s
cloud 7
rare rep’s
cloud 8
nearly no rep’s
cloud x
no rep’s

ct = classic trance
it = "intelligent" trance / i-trance / (h)q-trance etc.
ept = epic trance
mt = melodic trance
hmt = hyper melodic trance (very fanciful and decorative style)
tt = tech trance
pgt = progressive trance
pg = progressive
vtm = vocal trance (predominantly with male vocals)
vtf = vocal trance (predominantly with female vocals)
jt = j-trance (japan dance music, some idm (intelligent dance music) categories)
cyt = cy-trance / cyber trance
nt = nu trance
nrg = "nrg" / energy (trance)
cot = commercial trance
ft = fast trance / speed trance
ht = hard-trance
dt = dark / deep trance
psy = psychedelic trance
goa = goa(istic) trance
ex = electronics / electronic music
ebm = ebm / electronic body music
ac = acid (trance)
rav = rave
tch = techno / techno music
tkk = tekkno
cm = club / club music
df = dancefloor
dmh = dream house
eut = euro trance
itt = italo disco / italo trance
ec = electro clash
brk = breaks (supporting breaks elements)
bb = breakbeat (predominant break style, sometimes also rough and fuzzy)
jgl = jungle (breakbeat with special sounds & jungle atmosphere, often rough, crude, fast)
db = drum & base
tb = tribal
et = ethno / ethno trance
otl = oriental styles
amb = ambient
mm = minimalistic
dnt = downtempo (slow styles but with clear rhythm and beat)
ch = chill (downtempo styles with predominant strings and only subtle beats)
lng = lounge music
bh = beach house
fh = french house
fnk = funk / funky house
ds = disco style
th = tech house
hh = hard house
dh = deep house
dth = detroit house
chh = chicago house
nyh = new york house
hc = hardcore
fc = fastcore / speedcore
gab = gabber

>> hh.styles - stats* [ status: 2005 ]

total number of styles: 57

trance styles: 20 - 27
house styles: 9 - 19
techno related styles: 8 - 16
mass compatible** dance styles: 5 - 15
hard styles: 13 - 22
progressive / break styles: 9 - 11
slow styles: 5 - 10
"electronic" styles: 4 - 9
today’s rare styles: 3 - 22
today’s underground styles: 10 - 12
today’s drug related styles***: 30 - 36

    * details are ranged:
       min number = fully applicable for X styles;
       max number = potentially applicable for up to Y styles)
  ** e.g.: dancefloor, eurotrance etc.
*** "Say NO to drugs!! You can also have your fun without ’em." [hh]

hh.awards                                                                        to the top | back to hh.alpha

By January 2007 an interesting additional feature of the hh.alpha list will be available. Sometimes you may find certain newentries marked with a special white-coloured abbrevation at the beginning of the corresponding line. This means that a tune has been awarded out of a special reason, for example because of its stunning strings, [hh.awards] its mind-blowing effects, its unique melodic composition etc.. Two main groups of awards are to be distinguished in the future. The first one subsumes rewards that can be counted among acoustic engineering or sound and sample design. The focus is put on single sound contents as well as the overall quality and aural effect of a certain part of a modern electronic production. The second one embraces rewards concerning the artwork, the artistic intention behind the production (composition, structure, arrangement etc.):

1 | acoustic engineering awards

- hh.bass (hh bassline reward): ... for an extraordinary bass or bassline quality and/or design, meaning dynamic, driving, "juicy" and/or "rocking" accompaniment sounding "smooth and smart"

- hh.arp (hh arpeggio reward): cutting-edge arpeggio work in form of feathery, crystal-clear mid- and hightone-lines as harmonic accompaniment or support

- hh.fx (hh effects reward): ... for highly impressive sonic effects with a particular glance at (i.e.) echo, hall, delay, chorus, cut-off/resonance, compressor effects, swirls, twisters, wah-wah’s and/or flangers adding a special note to a certain production

- hh.perc (hh percussion reward): ... for first-class percussion work, for example fine-structured, crystal-clear beats, hi-hats, toms, gongs or for the particular challenges deriving from the often energy-adding cue of bongos and congas

- hh.strings (hh strings reward): ... for strings and carpets of an amazing, intensive and/or uplifting warmth, widths (fugues/poly-octaves) and/or depths, adding tension, emotion and atmosphere in a crystal-clear and/or pervasive way, that is appropriate, not too flashy and obstrusive

- hh.mix (hh mixing & levelling reward): ... for professional and proper overall cue and channel volume/pan adjustment resulting in a well-balanced, coherantly mastered production

- hh.vox (hh vocals / vocoder reward): ... for high-class vocal processing and upgrading and/or vocoder work enrichening the production with a warm, emotional, euphoric, melancholy, ambiguous, erotic, energetic, human(ized), haunting, vivid, "deep" and/or somehow "extra-terrestrial" touch

                                                                                        to the top | back to hh.alpha

2 | thematic / composing awards

- hh.b&b (hh break & build-up reward): especially (progressive) trance but sometimes also ambient and chill styles are living from breaks and intense, more or less slow but steady and successively forcing uplifting, extending and/or deepening build-ups

- hh.ow (hh other worlds reward): this reward is pretty difficult to acuminate to; aims at productions marked with a unique, strange and transcendant atmosphere taking the listener onto a journey "through time and space, mind and soul", just into "other worlds" and spheres mostly by succeeding in arousing a intense imagery and feelings as well as psychic activity or by even possessing the might to tell stories untold or forgotten

- hh.comp (hh melodic composition reward): ... for a production surprising with a state of the art melodic composition, an often subtle and more or less disguised, but nevertheless obvious and remarkable artistic intention and/or revealing exceptional song-writing and/or "musical story-telling" qualities of its creators

- hh.lyrx (hh lyrics reward): ... for lyrical content and messages of poetic beauty and timelessness building a clearly over the average coherent and formidable, pleasantly haunting, sometimes also unconventional (in an innovative / experimental manner) accompaniment

- hh.loop (hh loop generation reward): ... for the honouring of superb production of sample loops and/or the generation of striking loop effects adding a lot to the dynamic and progressiveness of a tune

- hh.exp (hh experimental reward): ... for the awarding of "courageous" (displaying a high self-esteem and persuing consequent progression), unconventional productions of a rather experimental nature ideally serving as a refreshing and rare, diversive "gem" among the rest of the selection and somehow teasing out all what is imaginable within the stylistic range of the alpha list

- hh.inno (hh innovation reward): ... for productions creating something undescribable new or hybrid (i.e. by cleverly melting together various stylistic elements and/or "grammars") and setting therewith an innovative spot in the framework of the alpha list

- hh.crea (hh creativity reward): ... for productions bursting with ideas, brilliant changes or the use of instruments (fabulous cues, balancing etc.) unusual or at least rare consequence

- hh.var (hh variety reward): ... for productions with a clearly recognizable (emotional) variety while maintaining thematic coherence and avoiding exaggeration or even to go astray

                                                                                        to the top | back to hh.alpha

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