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get together! - forming a global community
A vision of peace and unity...

Once there was a dream. it told about world full a friends, full of brothers and sisters. it was a vision of a world wherein mankind lived in harmony and piece. [hh anti racism] Human beings are devided by different opinions, by different statements, different languages. There are several problems that cause the difficulties while living side by side:

communication, social ranking, racism, envy, jealousy and distrust, selfishness, misery and poverty, vengeance, malevolence, anger, doubt, lies and mistrust, imperiousness etc...

History shows us that it can be one single murder, homicide, (involuntary) manslaughter or also any kind of bodily injury caused by negligence which has the potential to dramatically change the course of history by directly or indirectly inflaming a situation of intense emotion. Such situations can arouse feelings of revenge. Not seldom they even lead to a whole chain of violence. Sad enough to mention but that’s all nothing new to us.

Bad influence: the soft agents

But let us contemplate for a moment in which basic circumstances or vices such cruel deeds and misbehaviours are rooted, by which lacks of virtue they are motivated. Besides the fundamental human problem of communication resulting in constant misunderstandings some other agents can be unmasked either. These are named prejudices, stereotypes, self-conviction and more or less radical confirmedness and stubbornness and connected with that intolerance and assumed supremacy. These could be referred to as soft agents. Often they function as basic motivators for sturdy clashes, controversies and serious conflicts. Of course, each case is different and there are histories and courses of happenings that are infact complex and almost intransparently structured and quite serious, too.

A way to wisdom, creativity and tranquility

(...) But many situations in common life have got a more or less stupid, trivial background or cliffhanger, actually often too silly, marginal and neglectable to be mentioned. We have a tendency to exaggerate what others did wrong or harmed us with. Not many people can claim to possess the ability to push such things aside rapidly and to take things easy. Those people often see life through special glasses. They recognize the wider sense, the core of the idea of life and human society. You could say, they are wise and calm. We do not want to make everything in this puzzle fit by all means of force. But we are sure that the right music besides other factors can contribute to provide the patient person with attributes such as wisdom and calmness and creativity. And of course, it is no coincidence that you are on a website about first-class trance and progressive, music that could be your guiding star on your way to those things. But first of all, read on...

Be honest and do yourself a favour

Remember your last brawl, your last (hopefully not physically natured) fight. Have you ever come to state of emotion, of pure anger, grudge or ill-will where you tried to defeat or chill-down your strong emotions by listening to some soft or fine, well-made piece of music? Not? Always punk and hardcore?? Really?

Well, if your answer is yeah, always (...full-fletched, "fist in the face", guitar-slamming metal, ill-bassed hardcore or crazy drum-attacks or something like this, we guess you belong to one of the four following types: either you are the one-and-only styler, who is enjoying and dwelling on just one or two styles of (harder) music OR you belong to the call it astonishing call it wretched group of folks who need trash, noise and fierceness to meet their innermost needs and to re-establish their very own (strange and somehow unreal *sorry*) peace of soul OR you are one of the kind that simply does not know how to face such situations of emotional overload or grudge properly and the more healthy way OR you just have not experienced the incredible effect selected (warm) electronic music can have on your mind and soul.

Experience real happiness & fulfillment - without drugs.

Another example: imagine your last concert visit. Sure, it must have been some of your favourite bands without much doubt(?) Did you need alcohol or even other drugs to know the true promise of the thing you were part of that night? Be honest. Of course, we do not intend to incorporate as upholders of moral standards but b honest to yourself. If the festival or concert you visited was no electronically natured and for those of you who did not experienced a good electronic party / club night / rave etc.: at this point, we would like to claim that such events are mostly wonderful and unforgettable if you / they chose the right artists. The most paradoxical fact is that the techno-trance-progressive, schranz, psychedelic / goa or house scenes are usually and everywhere considered contaminated with drugs although these scenes enable a full drug-less pleasure and fountains of joy WITHOUT any alcoholic drinks and drugs! In almost no other scene you can experience amazing feelings without the dangerous and redundant influence of drugs. Think about it and find it out! Give this great music and give yourself a chance! Experience the difference!

Global melting

So maybe you have come to the point where you ask yourself: "why this section??" what the hell is the idea behind it?
Well, it is only a small step to the answer which - in subtle parts - has already been given. What if the inner peace and harmony and happiness many lovers of classy trance music (in all its categories) experience could be transferred to some kind of common spirit? What if people all over the world shared their love and joy they experience through this powerful kind of music??
Right this is reality and tradition since the good old days and this habitus could even be extended if "newbies" (like you maybe(?)) had a try and became part in this global community. The common spirit is great and it has the potential to make the music the medium to distribute, announce and really live that dream of peace and unity - at least to some - but not at all meaningless! - extent. Become a part of this unique idea and celebrate life with your fellows all over the globe. One voice - one future.

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