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hh.links - edm related web resources
Links, links, links! - "The best EDM related sites just one click away"

This is what this section is all about. A fine selection of useful links about topics like EDM, Trance, Progressive, scene, culture and fashion. The aim is to provide links directing to every kind of service related to electronic dance music and trance in its widest sense, from selected producers and DJs, private and commercial websites, fansites, forums, blogs, review/preview sites to fashion and stores, cd & vinyl stores, online record stores, labels, web radio stations and much more!

Once again our vision is to cover all aspects of edm, progressive, chill and breaks and topics related to this kind of music. But please give us some time. Or even better: help us in achieving this. support us in helping the scene and especially in giving non-profit projects and fellows like us the honour they deserve for their sometimes hard, long-lasting work.

- www.tranceblog.de/feed/ - german trance blog with newsfeed

- www.trancearchiv.de - another german trance blog

- www.tranceforum.info - german community for trance and progressive

- www.trancepodium.com - trance forums, news, articles etc. + lyrics corner

- surf tip: lyrics.trancestation.nl - large trance lyrics resource

- www.ilovetrance.de/artists.htm - artist website links collection

- www.dynamicdrive.com - RSS news scroller

- www.trackitdown.net - online record store

- www.3beatdigital.com - online record store

- www.beatport.com - online record store

- heavenly.merchandise - official heavenly-hymns.de fashion store

- www.2sound.de - german community for music, recording and PA

- www.progressivegrooves.com - evolved electronic dance music

- www.renoise.com - music software (tracker)

- www.troonik.com

- www.puretrancers.com

- www.discomania.com

- www.vonyc.de

- www.suraha.com - discover, play, share audio/video podcasts

- www.tr-ance.com

- trancedspirit.wordpress.com

- www.ivibes.nu

- www.audiojelly.com

- www.emusic.com

- www.musicgremlin.com

- www.releaserecords.com

- www.dance-tunes.com

- www.magneticgrooves.com

- www.resonantvibes.com

- www.musicgremlin.com

- www.groovegate.com

- www.djdownload.com

- www.playittonight.com

- www.urge.com

- www.bluetracks.ca

- progressivegrooves.com

- mytranceradio.com - really exciting trance radio and blog

- soundarea.org - huge and versatile Russian music forum, web radio and dl portal

- mininova.org - easy-to-use directory & search engine for all kinds of BitTorrent files

- qsound.eu - virginal edm forum (also music/video dls)

- progressivehouse.com - lots of cd reviews, release hints, label info etc.

- surf tip: edmspectrum.com

- surf tip: clubfeeling.de

all weblinks will be categorized and extended by a short-info / comment as soon as possible. currently there are 43 links in the list. more selected links are integrated step by step.

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