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heavenly hymns - gamma list
current candies (Olli’s most played masterpieces of the moment) [dec 2006]
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  • Andy Craze - New Life (Chilled Out Remix)
  • Black Pearl - Bounty Island (DJ Shah’s San Antonio Harbour Mix)
  • Common Ground - To Be Given (Original Mix)
  • EDN - Goos Old Days (Original Mix)
  • Flipform - Sunscape (Original Mix)
  • Lustral - Everytime (Beetseekers Remix) (Original Mix)
  • Marino Berardi - Clear The Skies (Momu Mix)
  • Micah - Microcosm (Jaytech Remix)
  • Mike Brin - That Strange Planet (Original Mix)
  • Noiz - Kuban Nights (Santerna Remix 2004)
  • Northern Project - Euclidean Axiom (Original Mix)
  • Papillon - Mindtrip (Original Mix)
  • The Orange - Gabriel (Poison Pro Remix)

candy of the hour:    > Nisona - Cloudy Sunrise (Resinity Mix)

heavenly hymns is proud to present the new hh-gamma-list consisting of the tracks currently most played and recommended by Olli of heavenly-hymns.de. These candies represent his private favourite trance tunes of the moment and may contain pieces not listed in the hh-alpha- and beta-lists. Anyway, these personal playlist may rapidly vary in its collection due to the vast amount of music Olli is listening to during the week. Secondly, this playlist may be regarded as partly off-topic or generalized or "extended" due to the possibility that also other (trance) tracks may be integrated that are not in any of the main lists above. The primary purpose of the gamma-list is to provide somehow short-term personal recommendations and inspirations that can serve as a dj set part or for private cd or dvd compilations. "Short-term", in this relation, does not necessarily imply the need of exclusively gathering up-to-date tracks. The gamma-list intends to promote classic art of trance and secret tips, underground sounds and higher standard trancers either. Happy disc-jockeying / listening / clubbing =)

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