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our evaluation rules
how we rate the tunes: the art of A&Ring

When browsing through our alpha or beta list you might contemplate on how all those tunes made it to the lists. You might raise the question: why exactly these pieces? Why not more of Tiesto or Paul van Dyk or ...?!

Of course: all your questions are justified! Just as everyone got her / his own taste so we won't claim we constructed the non-plus-ultra list. We are sure that we are not able to please all needs and preferences.

Instead, when creating the lists step-by-step we try to implement, to stick to something we call quasi-objective evaluation rules when listening to new tunes or doing pre-selections of potential alpha or beta list candidates.

So, this section is very closely connected with the (our) definition of a quasi-objectivity in trance music. But before we start, we have to stipulate that we don't insist to manipulate the course of things and the subjectiveness of every cognitive system.

A little theory is necessary to receive a reasonable and understandable approach into the difficult world of A&R’ing, meaning the ’art’ of listening, evaluating and selecting tunes from the scene’s massive output.

more soon ... you can look forward to gain a deeper insights into the evaluation and selection work and the maintenance of the project’s core: the alpha and beta lists!! make sure to check back regularly. For the topics to come see beneath:

1. a lesson in constructivism

2. hh’s quasi-objectivity approach (HH.QOA)

3. trance production and recording standards

4. the question of style

5. the fashion factor / trend indicator

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