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Although heavenly-hymns.de is a project being to its full extent non-commercial there are, however, some copyright issues to be kept in mind when planning to make use of either textual or visual content to be found throughout the website.

According to the open-mindedness laisser-faire attitude the copyright policy ought to be rather loose in the sense of flexible meaning that - if you need any elements or want to quote some passages - a simple and short inquiry should suffice in most cases. A core idea of heavenly-hymns.de has always been and will remain to help especially newbies to electronic dance music and also web publishing issues to make their first steps or supporting them even further.

But before starting to write your inquiry, please read the following few lines. Most questions should be answered here...

1 | The construction "heavenly hymns" is not protected by any copyright law. It is no registered brand or trademark and only deducts itself from the domain denotation. Since the project introduced several extensions and additional services such as "hh.alpha-delta", "hh.awards" or "hh.events" - to name only a few - we can only ask you to avoid using the construction "heavenly hymns" and its abbrevation "hh" in this context.

2 | Images (fotos, graphics, icons, buttons, banners etc.) not marked with a copyright by "heavenly-hymns.de", "stat!cblue webdesigns", "stat!icblue media" or "Oliver Halsband" require the permission of the copyright owner(s) mentioned either directly under / in the near vicinity of the corresponding element or in the source code of the corresponding website or sub-site.
All other graphical objects are property of heavenly-hymns.de (Oliver Halsband), are subject to effective copyright laws and require your email inquiry containing your name, adress, phone number, email address, website or other medium to use the requested object in and a precise time-list the object(s) are intended to be used.

3 | more rules following soon - as long as this section is under construction the procedure described under "2" above has general validity for all kinds of textual and visual elements and objects in property of heavenly-hymns.de (Oliver Halsband) used throughout the website.

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The hover box above has been updated with hot tunes. party on!

section update: old masters
...some artist names have been put in to get this section started. Nothing spectacular though.

tech news: abc links problem fixed!
the abc quick links at the top of the a-list and the [ top ] links there are functional again. However, it takes some more time to repair other section's [ top ] links and anchors. This is due to the SEO works (header modification for ext. access). Please scroll instead and still avoid using the quick and cross links mentioned above. Thanks!

tech news: DB text errors fixed
The char errors on the newentries page ("\" preceding special chars like """ and "") are fixed.

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