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"Remembering the days back in the summer of 1999 I never had even the slightest imagination of what would become out of my project a few years later, that it would grow on and on, becoming more professional and versatile with today conserving more than 1.000 extraordinary tunes that shaped the edm and especially the trance and progressive scene since its early days..." (Oliver Halsband, 12|28|2006)

How everything started and which stations could be described as fundamentally important for the development of what makes heavenly-hymns.de today - chronology, analysis and reflections of an exciting past may be found in this section one day.

Get onto a journey back to 1999 and beyond, and revive the rise of the "raving society" and the early days of trance, dream-house, chill and break-beat...

[considered to be launched spring 2008]

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